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If you come from the field of online marketing, you have certainly heard of “ahrefs”. With ahrefs you can, simply put, analyze and compare websites. Especially in the field of search engine optimization, the tool has made a good name for itself.


The name comes, as you might guess, from the English“href attribute” and defines a desired link target. So it stands to reason that the tool ahrefs got the name from the links.this is what the attribute looks like inside a link….

<a href="http://wiki.selfhtml.org/wiki/href"  
  title="more information>
  The href attribute</a>

Which functions does ahrefs offer?

You will find the most important functions directly at the top of the navigation. In addition to your dashboard, you’ll find the Site Explorer, the Content Explorer, and the Keyword Explorer.


On the left side of the navigation you can see for example new backlinks, lost backlinks and “broken backlinks”. You can check the same on a domain basis.

Important in this context are also the anchor texts that were used for the respective backlinks. This is very helpful if you want to do targeted link building.

The Dashboard

Here you have an overview of your projects. For pages that you need to keep an eye on all the time, you should create a project. You always have the most important values of your projects at a glance – with a click on the project you also land in the respective overview of the domain.


Competitor analysis through the Keyword Explorer

One of the most important things in online marketing is to know the competition of the industry – how competitive are the services / products – how easy or difficult is it to rank with certain keywords on Google…. all this you can analyze via the Keyword Explorer.

Ahrefs offers you many functions to find out exactly that.


The Keyword Explorer provides you with the most important key figures:

  • the keyword difficulty,
  • the search volume (global & country-specific),
  • the clicks,
  • the CPC (cost per click),
  • similar keywords,
  • Questions of the keyword

The backlink research

The next basic component of ahrefs is the backlink analysis. In order to analyze the backlinks of a website, no matter if inbound or outbound, ahrefs also offers you some possibilities. You can access the overview via the “Site Explorer”.


Here you can see the most important values at a glance. The green or red small values show you the respective change. So you can see a trend directly.


Ahrefs shows you an overview with a percentage evaluation of the anchor texts used. This allows you to perfectly control and plan the proportion of anchor texts used.

Relevance for SEO

Ahrefs is indispensable for many SEOs. There is a reason for this – because besides top dogs like Sistrix, ahrefs offers the great advantage of detailed link profile analysis. Besides, the data is relatively reliable and the pages are crawled regularly.

Our conclusion

We use ahrefs daily and it helps us to plan SEO campaigns, to detect changes in rankings to take appropriate countermeasures, to create content plans based on lucrative keywords and to keep a general overview of the state of the website.


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