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Alexa ranking estimates the popularity of a site relative to all other websites. Accordingly, the ranking of the listed websites can be used to make a statement about their popularity.


Alexa “The web information company” is the subsidiary of Amazon that provides background data of websites and analytics tools. Similar to Domain Authority or Domain Rating from Ahrefs, Alexa Ranking is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). With this you can determine the relative popularity of your page. With this you can compare yourself with your competition.

The tool uses a proprietary algorithm for the Alexa Ranking Check, which takes into account user behavior as well as the traffic predicted by Alexa.

Since Alexa is part of the Amazon global corporation, Alexa ranking is also important for voice search optimization as part of search engine optimization (SEO).

Why is a good Alexa Rank important?

For a long time now, no one who wants to run a successful website can avoid SEO for major search engines like Google. With the rise of voice-controlled assistants like the Amazon Echo, optimizing for Alexa’s search engine is also becoming increasingly important.Alexa ranking is a similar concept to Google’s Domain Authority. Just like Google Analytics, Alexa offers tools that allow you to examine your ranking. The ranking is a value of how popular your website is relative to all other sites. Unlike the Domain Authority, the Alexa ranking does not examine the trustworthiness of your site. Instead, the Alexa algorithm estimates the number of visitors from all pages on the Internet . With this estimate, Alexa compares the number of visitors to your site. Thereby the algorithm tries to consider spam and not human traffic and thus only accepts the actual page views.

Alexa ranking

The Alexa Rank is determined by a moving average of the pages over the last three months. The page from which the Alexa algorithm accepts the most user queries and page impressions receives the highest result.

How do you get a better Alexa rank?

To improve your rank in Alexa ranking, you can get your site certified by the company. Otherwise, most of the same factors that you use to improve your Domain Authority apply here.

  • Optimize your content. Create unique content that provides valuable information to your audience. If your users are convinced of the added value of your site, they will not only visit the site again, but recommend and link to it.
  • Gains Backlinks. Not only do backlinks – links to your website from third party websites – help improve your authority with search engines. Moreover, these links increase your reach. More reach means higher traffic and therefore a better Alexa ranking. Your link building is therefore an indispensable part of your SEO strategy. Essential with backlinks is that you achieve valuable backlinks – and avoid backlinks from bad neighborhoods. While a good link from a site that has already been deemed trustworthy will improve your site’s authority, a link from the Bad Neighborhood will hurt you more.
  • A good keyword analysis. If you can get your website higher up on the SERP of Google, Bing and others, more users will also visit your site – increasing your Alexa ranking.

To summarize: Your SEO work is also essential for Alexa. Unlike Google, Alexa doesn’t work with crawlers that scan and rank your page even before a user has looked at it. But any means by which you can generate more organic traffic for your site will improve your Alexa ranking.


The Alexa ranking has the same function for Amazon’s search engine as PageRank has for Google. In order to be able to sort the results of search queries, the search algorithm must be able to assign a position on the SERP to the individual pages. Unlike Google, Alexa does not calculate a value for the authority of a website. Instead, Alexa estimates the user queries from all websites on the internet and compares this estimate to your page impressions. Since your page impressions and user queries depend on how great your reach and position is in the SERP of other search engines, good SEO work is essential for a good Alexa ranking.


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