Backlinks 2021: What do they really bring?




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Erfahre in diesem Artikel welche Bedeutung Backlinks für deine Seite im Jahr 2022 wirklich haben. Wir haben für dich die wichtigsten Quellen ausgewertet und zusammengefasst, worauf es ankommt.

Eins ist klar: wie sich Backlinks auf dein Ranking auswirken, wird seit Jahren heiß diskutiert. Dass es sich lohnt, wenn man es richtig macht und vor allem, wie man es richtig macht, erläutern zahlreiche Fallstudien. Aber noch immer sind viele Seitenbetreiber skeptisch.

In diesem Artikel haben wir namhafte SEO-Experten zu Wort kommen lassen, unsere eigenen Erfahrungen visualisiert und die renommiertesten Analysetools zitiert, um ein für alle Mal Licht ins Dunkel zu bringen. Hier ein Überblick:
Los geht’s!

The role of backlinks for SEO

“It’s 20 years old. Links are here to stay”

Brian Dean is one of the most well-known SEO experts in the world. No SEO channel is clicked more often. Even Forbes Magazine praises the freelancer’s work.

What are the benefits of backlinks?
Source :

[…] at Google HQ, they’re in there saying – ‘Links are an awesome signal’. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t start parsing out – ‘nofollow, sponsored, UGC…. “

Source: early 2020 interview with Barry Schwartz, Brian brings attention to the current and future relevance of backlinks. „We thought links would go through a decline in value. Now it seems like they’re putting even more focus on her.“

For Brian, the importance for backlinks to Google’s algorithm is a crystal clear issue. Not only DoFollow links have a very high value in his opinion. NoFollow, sponsored links like advertorials and UCG links also affect page rankings.

If you want to brush up on your SEO knowledge, Brian Dean’s YouTube channel is the place to go. In this video he shows you how to build free links

Study: what kind of backlinks does your business really need?

Neil Patel , much like Brian Dean, is one of the better known faces of the SEO scene. In addition to lectures and much-clicked videos, Neil Patel is the patron of the relaunch of a helpful tool for SEOs: Ubersuggest.

What are the benefits of backlinks?
Source :

In our blog post “Ubersuggest – What’s the new keyword finder good for?” we give you insights into this tool.Source: His study examines the effect of different types of backlinks. The main focus is on the relevance of the topic and the ratings of the links. The bottom line is this:

“Backlinks from trusted and popular websites increase the authority of your website. They’re also a super resource for your brand image and help you gain referral traffic.”

Backlinks: Case studies

At this point, let’s take a look at real examples from two of our customers. It is clear to see that link building results in a significant increase in traffic.

What are the benefits of backlinks?

The results speak for themselves.

What are the benefits of backlinks?

Doubling of traffic in a few months

The same phenomenon is seen with this customer. Building high quality backlinks on a regular basis leads to a huge increase in traffic in the months that follow.

The articles placed specifically boosted the desired keywords, ranking higher than the competition and creating valuable organic traffic.

What are the benefits of backlinks?

The same phenomenon can be observed with this customer. A few months after the start of the link campaign, the site recorded an enormous increase in traffic.

What are the benefits of backlinks?

Analysis tool: Quotes from various analysis tools

The following quotes are from articles about backlinks published by the major analytics tools. As the articles are very extensive, we have quoted the summaries of the articles here. We have of course provided the links to the respective contributions.

What are the benefits of backlinks?

[…] But quality backlinks are the strongest signal, and so will always be a fundamental part of how the algorithm works. Attracting quality backlinks is essential, and always will be essential to ranking well in Google search results. – MOZ(source)

What are the benefits of backlinks?

“Backlinks are important when it comes to ranking on search engines like Google. However, this does not mean that all backlinks are equal. Relevance, placement, and other attributes all contribute to the quality and usefulness of a link” Ahrefs(source)

What are the benefits of backlinks?

“Backlinks are important for search engines and users alike. From a user’s perspective, backlinks provide a way for people to find other sources of information on the same or related topics.” –


Backlinks helfen dir, organischen Traffic für deine Seite zu generieren. Daran besteht kein Zweifel. Sowohl führende SEOs, unsere Erfahrung und die Meinung der rennomiertesten Analysetools sprechen dieselbe Sprache.

Only strategic link building leads to success

Who wants to bring his site successfully with backlinks to the front must follow basic rules. Backlinks need to be relevant to the topic, placed at the right time intervals, and have high metrics appropriate to your site.

What are the benefits of backlinks?

The way to the top of the search results

Auf unserem Marktplatz findest du alles, was du benötigst, um eine erfolgreiche Link-Kampagne zu starten. Unser Linkportfolio ermöglicht dir einen gezielten Linkaufbau mit adäquaten Ratings für deine Branche. In unseren WIKI-Artikeln erklären wir alle wichtigen Begriffe und in unserem Blog findest du Anleitungen dazu, wie du vorzugehen hast. Bei Fragen steht dir selbstverständlich unser Support per Chat, Mail und Telefon zur Verfügung. Wir hoffen, wir konnten in Sachen Linkaufbau ein wenig Licht ins Dunkle bringen und für ein bisschen Klarheit sorgen! Unser Team wünscht dir viel Erfolg auf dem Weg nach Oben!

What are the benefits of backlinks?

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