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Bad Neighbourhood literally refers to a bad neighbourhood. This refers to a website that is in an environment of websites that have received a penalty from Google.

If backlinks from such pages lead to the website in question, this is referred to as a Bad Neighbourhood. Reasons for penalties can be e.g.  Keyword stuffing.

Domain trust says a lot about a website and is essential factor to analyze black hat SEO’s. The PageRank algorithm used to not include the domain trust factor, so mass link building was possible.

Effects of a Bad Neighbourhood

If you yourself do not violate the guidelines but have inbound or outbound bad links, your own site loses the trust of Google.

A hacked website may be the reason. Other reasons may include:

  • Websites with little, low-quality content
  • Mass link buying
  • Copyright Infringements
  • Spam

How to recognize Bad Neighbourhood sites

PageRank can be an indicator of this if it is zero. With the so-called Link Checker I can check my backlinks and identify bad links.

If a website has few subpages and poor content, this can also be an indication of a “Bad Neighbour”.


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Relevance for SEO

It is very important to know that this “thinking” of Google exists. If you don’t violate Google’s guidelines but other linked websites do, this can also have an impact on my ranking. In the worst case, my website will be removed from Google’s index. So you should always look closely at what backlinks you have and what type of websites they are.

So link building should be as natural as possible. This means that, for example, not all links appear on the same day.

Relevance of Technical SEO

The technical optimization for search engines serves above all the user friendliness of a web page.

One of the most important parts is the loading times. These take a big influence and can affect your ranking positively as well as negatively.

Technical SEO is therefore a topic for every webmaster and should not be neglected when optimizing for search engines.[uncode_share layout=”multiple” bigger=”yes”]


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