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Click Popularity is a value that shows how often the entry of a page on the search result of a search engine was clicked.


Click popularity is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of a website that shows how often a page has been reached via a search engine . Unlike Link Popularity, this only looks at how many times a page’s link has been clicked on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Just as the number of backlinks improves the Domain Authority and thus the position on the results page, a good Click Popularity improves the Page Rank of a page.

Is a good Click Popularity important?

Search engines like Google, Bing & Co keep their own ranking factors in essence and the exact calculation of the search result of pages in particular by the algorithms secret. This means that exact statements about the influence of click popularity on page rank are not possible. Still, you can safely assume that your page will be featured higher up as your Click Popularity increases. Overall, other points like Domain Authority, Domain Trust etc will be more important than Click Popularity.

This will be because the Click Popularity factor is relatively susceptible to manipulation. Unlike most other KPIs, such clicks can easily be generated via click farms and thus manipulate the result without being easily detectable.

Also, the competition for the best content is distorted by a strong evaluation of click popularity – because even with the best content and the best answer to the user’s search query, a new website could never win against an established site, with worse content but good click popularity.

How do you increase your Click Popularity?

The best way to improve your click popularity is to improve your website overall by performing the common OnPage optimizations. Much can already be accomplished by Low Hanging Fruits. Also through OffPage optimizations you can lead more people to your site via a search engine.

The background is that a page that appears high on the results lists is also clicked on more often – so your first goal should be to improve your page.

If you follow Google’s quality guidelines, you can be sure to improve in Google results and increase your Click Popularity. In a nutshell, that means:

  • Do not use spam or duplicate content
  • Instead, you should offer unique content that is tailored to your target audience and motivates your visitors to return to your site.

Use a meaningful meta description so that a potential visitor on the SERPs knows as precisely as possible what they will find on your page and their interest is increased.


Click Popularity is a KPI that measures how often a page is accessed via a search engine. Compared to other indicators, however, it is not particularly important – also because it is easy to manipulate. To improve your click popularity, you should work on the search engine optimization of your site. Because it is true that the higher your page is presented on the SERPs, the faster your Click Popularity will grow.


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