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Cornerstone content is the informative cornerstone of a website. Here the user should receive basic information and an overview of the topic. Because it is suitable for many keywords and links, it is especially important for search engine optimization.


The content of a page is all of its content – not just the text, but the images, graphics, videos, ALT tags, URL and so on. Cornerstone content in German would be the cornerstone content – the content that is particularly important for a website. This content takes a central place in the structure, the OnPage and the OffPage optimisation of the page due to the transported information and its extent.the cornerstone content offers the user of a page a particularly detailed access and extensive overview of the topic of the page. Therefore, it is not only particularly informative, but also offers the user considerable added value.

Cornerstone Content
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Around this basic content, other articles are grouped that further explain the topic in its various facets, making it an essential component of content marketing.

What is the purpose of Cornerstone Content?

Users on the site are usually in search of information. The cornerstone content can be the first point of contact for your users on your site and introduce them to the topic and provide a solid overview. Figuratively speaking, the Cornerstone Content would be a tree trunk that covers all the topics of the website. Individual, technically deeper topics are dealt with in individual articles and linked internally – they form the branches.

The reader should find it easy to get started. Therefore, it is the task of a webmaster to make the complexity of a topic understandable . A clear text structure as well as an appealing design is important for a well readable and user-friendly text. The user should find it as easy as possible to absorb the information offered.cornerstone content is the flagship of your site. Therefore, you should maintain it continuously and always keep it up to date.Internal links play an essential role in cornerstone content. For the user this should be the starting point for further information search. Therefore, many links should lead away from this article to present the reader with more in-depth articles.

On the other hand, cornerstone content should be the backbone of your link building work. To demonstrate the relevance of this content to the search engine crawlers you should make sure to gain as many and good backlinks for this content as possible. These backlinks are interpreted by search engines like Google, Bing and co as a high content expertise and increase your domain authority. This is an important basis for search engines to present your page high up in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

How do you use Cornerstone Content for search engine optimization?

Cornerstone articles should describe the content of the site as well as possible. Therefore, good keyword research and semantic optimization is important here. Not only does this arouse and maintain the interest of readers, but the text provides valuable keywords to search engines. In addition, as many backlinks as possible should point to this article.Currently, search engines expect websites to provide their users with comprehensive and appealing information. Cornerstone offers are therefore also playing an increasingly important role in e-commerce.

The same rules apply here – the more high-quality information a provider can offer about its topic, product or service, the higher Google will rank its page.A not insignificant factor in cornerstone content is also an increase in the time users spend on the page. If the content is well constructed and stimulates the users, they will stay on the page and thus give your site positive signals for the search engines.


Cornerstone content provides both users and search engines with the most informative content possible and, with internal linking, an overview of the topic. For users, an appealing text that offers them added value is important.

Good content is the foundation of organic link building that improves a page’s ranking in the SERPs – the basis for more organic traffic and reach.


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