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Emoji SEO is a term from search engine optimization (SEO) and refers to emojis that are added to page titles and meta descriptions of websites.


Emoji SEO is about emojis that are integrated into page titles and meta descriptions. Their goal is to display search snippets in an eye-catching way in order to increase the click through rate(CTR) in the Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs).

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Emoji SEO

Why you should use Emoji SEO

Emojis in the title tag or meta description of a web page can ensure that this page gets much more attention in the search results. By using emoji icons or faces that express a certain mood, the results don’t just jump right out at readers. With this guide, readers can also better classify the results.

How does Emoji SEO work?

Search engines like Google technically have the ability to recognize many different emojis. To apply Emoji SEO, you can put emojis with Unicodes in the title and meta description.

Extremely popular for display in the SERPs are, for example, green hooks. The Unicode for a bold check mark ✔ is as follows:

You can insert these unicodes in the title or description. In order for Google to display the emojis, Google must have indexed the corresponding URL. You can check this with a site query.

Tips for SEO snippets with emojis

  • More than two to three emojis are not recommended. Usually just one is enough to get you noticed!
  • Choose matching emojis. Unicorns and laughing smilies are not representative of every brand/company.
  • While there will be people who find emoji SEO unserious or inappropriate, others will see your snippet in the first place just because.
  • Google will not display an emoji until the crawler has been to your page again. If you can’t or don’t want to wait more than a few minutes, you can re-index the page in Google Search Console under “URL Check“. Then it doesn’t take long until the bot from Google was there and the emoji can be seen.

Google shows many more special characters, but only monochrome in text color. You can also use these special characters, especially if colorful emojis are literally too “colorful” for you.

How do you get emojis into search results?

If you think that putting a few emojis in your meta data will give you a huge traffic boost, we’re going to steal that illusion right now. Because Google only shows a small selection, but simply ignores most emojis. Nevertheless, the selection of possible emojis is large. To find out which emojis work you’ll have to do some research on the internet.

Once you have found an emoji that suits you, you can insert it directly into the title tag. You should put it at the beginning of the title to get the maximum attention.

You can also use the emojis in the title tag for social media marketing – for example when sharing the articles on Facebook. You can also insert one or more emojis in the description of the web pages. The SERP snippets from Google and co. show these afterwards.

Influence of emojis on rankings

What impact emojis in search results have on your website’s ranking has not been clearly tested. However, changes in rankings will not be due to the use of emojis for online marketing or SEO per se. From an increase or decrease in CTR (Click Through Rate) you could indirectly derive ranking changes.

A spam by Emoji SEO is hardly possible, because Google itself decides when to show or not to show the icons and symbols. If you use too many emojis in metadata, they may not appear in the snippet.


Using emojis in your page titles and meta descriptions can make your search snippets stand out on search engines like Google. Ideally, this will increase traffic to your site, but in the worst case, it will discourage searchers. Attention: Google does not show all emojis.[uncode_list][/uncode_list]


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