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Even though the terms are often mixed up, Expiring Domains are not the well-known Expired Domains. While an expired domain is a website that is no longer in operation and therefore usually no longer accessible, an expiring domain is in the process of being deleted.


Expiring domains are domain names that are in the process of being deleted. They are therefore about to “drop” or become free and are in the so-called pending delete status (they have not yet been deleted). With “pending delete”, an owner does not ask for a domain to be restored and thus releases it again. A domain in this status will be deleted by the registry after a certain time.

But be careful: With .de domains, it is difficult to determine the connectivity status, because they have neither an expiration date nor a “pending delete” flag. Therefore, you need proprietary or third-party tools to find out in time whether the domain has become free again or not. In this case, the name server entries of the domain are checked at regular intervals. If the “name server entries” show the status “incorrect”, you can assume that the domain has been deleted. With CNOBI (com/net/org/biz/info) domains you can follow this phase in detail and thus estimate approximately in which time window the domain will become free again.

Ten important rules for deleted domains

Before registering an Expired Domain or before purchasing an Expiring Domain you should consider ten criteria:

  1. Domain/IP-Pop
  2. Domain age
  3. Link profile analysis
  4. Link texts / Anchortext
  5. URL / Permalink Structure
  6. Linked Pages
  7. PageRank Check
  8. Content (theme & language)
  9. Server location
  10. Trademark registrations

How do you find Expiring Domains?

There are thousands of fresh records of expired and expiring domains circulating on the internet. You can usually access these lists with the help of various online services – so-called “online services”.
Expired / Expiring Domain Services
. There are quite a few of these on the net, some free, some for a fee.

You won’t be able to register thereally good expiring domains by hand, because it simply takes too much time. By the time the manual registration process has been gone through, someone else has usually already struck. It could work with the help of an own domain snapping tool or over a so-called
Backorder Service
. The whole process is automated in seconds.


Expiring domains, i.e. domain names in the deletion phase, are about to “drop” or become free and are in the so-called “pending delete status” (they have not yet been deleted). Before snapping an expiring domain, you should consider certain criteria and always check the individual linking pages manually yourself.


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