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Facebook marketing is a term used in online advertising. Here, advertisers use the social network to attract the attention of potential customers, who can be selected by interests as well as geo- and socio-demographic characteristics, with different strategies.


Marketing on Facebook is a variation of social media marketing. The social network has 27 million active users from all age and social groups in Germany alone. Companies and institutions can also be active on Facebook and communicate their concerns to the outside world.Facebook offers a platform to reach many people with comparatively little effort due to the enormous number of members.

Facebook marketing
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Also, Facebook allows advertisers to do very precise marketing by collecting interests, geo- and socio-demographic data. This allows advertisers to get their message across to their target audience very accurately.

Advantages of Facebook Marketing

The benefits of advertising on Facebook are obvious. Facebook collects much more than just user data from its members. Key data here includes browsing behavior and interests based on what pages and posts users like. In this way, Facebook’s algorithm can very accurately determine which marketing action is relevant to a member.

Facebook sells you these marketing opportunities with services like Facebook Ads. This tool allows you as an advertiser to target your audience very precisely, and more precisely than with the usual means of search engine optimization. For you, it’s a way to minimize wastage.

Strategies for Facebook Marketing

But Facebook is not only interesting for classic marketing. Besides the possibility to commercially advertise products, services or other information, it offers you the chance to position yourself or your institution in a publicity-effective way.

  • You can build Likes specifically to boost your page and increase your reach that way.
  • Facebook offers you the opportunity to get in touch with customers or fans in an uncomplicated way or to be approachable.
  • Via Facebook you can improve the traffic and therefore the conversion rate on your website by publishing and linking targeted content on Facebook.
  • Marketing of events or surveys to generate attention in the target group.
  • Target local offers by providing the locations of your target audience for Facebook.

What is the cost/benefit of Facebook marketing?

Of course, no one can put an exact figure on that. But depending on your investment, you can very accurately target your audience both locally and in terms of content. The rates of Facebook Ads are rather open to the top. In order to place locally effective advertisements, amounts between 10 and 100 euros are sometimes sufficient. In order to be present nationwide or even to organise campaigns, on the other hand, higher costs are conceivable.

Basically, controlling Facebook ad campaigns works similar to Google Ads. This means that the budget required depends heavily on the target group chosen, the quality and optimisation of the ads and the associated conversion rate.

As with any other marketing strategy, Facebook marketing requires experience and intuition to know how much of an investment it is worth.


Facebook provides a great platform for social media marketing. The social network has numerous members from all groups of society and can target them. In addition to the advertising tools Facebook Ads provides, the social network can also be used for free to increase your reach and raise your profile.


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