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Sie sind das Salz in der Suppe einer erfolgreichen SEO-Strategie. Sie stellen deine Seite ins richtige Licht und sorgen dafür, dass deine Keywords auf dem richtigen Kurs sind. Ohne Backlinks läuft’s in Sachen SEO oft gar nicht oder nur schleppend – aber was bringen Backlinks? Wenn dich diese Frage noch davon abhält, solltest du vorerst unseren Beitrag dazu lesen! 

Today we’ll show you how to place three top links in your portfolio without spending a single euro. That’s right! Today we reveal not one or two, but three three insider tips, whose ratings are really something!
And here we go!

1. free backlinks: Become a Coach on Xing with the Xing Coach Profile

free backlinks

Linkedin and Xing are currently the two most popular platforms when it comes to job hunting, but also for maintaining valuable B2B relationships. If you want to continue your career in a new company and get relevant results quickly, you can’t get around them. The rankings of both portals also speak a clear language – Xing has meanwhile made it to the top of the Ahrefs rankings. Rank 83. No wonder, because with a domain rating of 94, there is little room for improvement. This is partly due to the excellent ratio of incoming and outgoing links. We show you how you can profit from it in a few minutes. If these ratings also make your mouth water, you can rejoice. Not only will you get this backlink for free, but you’ll get it faster than you can say off-page search engine optimization service providers!

free backlinks

How to get your free backlink on

To get your free backlink from you have to register as a coach and submit your website – and that’s faster than you think! Especially if you already have your own Xing profile:

➡️ Here you can create your Create your coach profile

So creating a profile on Xing benefits you in many ways. Because in addition to valuable B2B relationships and another important platform to showcase your business and skills, you’ll get a grade 1A backlink .

Your link appears here!

And this is where the link you put appears! However, you should create your profile with a little more love than the one in our example!

free backlinks

2. free backlink:

free backlinks

We love Raidboxes. We make no secret of that. We stand on fast loading times – just like Google – on reliable backups and competent service. Even more so if you run your site with wordpress.

Raidboxes does not only help you to keep a stable web presence running.

Here’s what the Ahrefs metrics look like from!

free backlinks

Free Backlink: This is how it works!

With this trick you can profit from the reputation of the company. That’s how you get a backlink from get your free backlink from you’ll have to put in a little more effort than with previous article placement options.

Raidboxes is always looking for talented writers to post guest articles on their blog. All you have to do is fill out the form and submit your topic proposal. With any luck, your article will end up on

free backlinks

Important: To increase your chances for an article placement on Raidboxes you should make an effort with your topic proposal. You also have a particularly good chance if your topic has to do with WordPress.

Even though a free link to requires a little more work than our other tips, it’s worth the effort. simply offers you an incredibly powerful link inreturn.

➡️ What are you waiting for? Fill now the form!

3. free backlinks: Proven Expert

free backlinks

Chances are you’ve seen the ProvenExpert logo on more than one page. The online service, which has been around since 2011, is known for its reviews.

The company’s goal is to build trust through customer reviews. Also at Google can create that certain bit of trust for you – and that with a good backlink.

30 days free of charge

The first 30 days your DoFollow link is completely free at ProvenExpert. After that a subscription is due. But even if you decide not to subscribe, the 30 day trial period will help you get a good start boost for your site.

By the way: If you don’t renew your subscription of your own accord, you have the chance to save 30% of the price. A great benefit is the starred rich snippet,
which is great for catapulting your CTRupwards.

With a DoFollow backlink from ProvenExpert you have in any case a first-class link in your portfolio.With very high probability you have already seen the logo of ProvenExpert on more than one page. The online service, which has been around since 2011, is known for its reviews.Here’s what Provenexpert’s review badges look like:

free backlinks

You want more?

We hope that we could give you a small but nice boost for your link building with our three tips! Of course, you can find over 5000 more article placement options on our marketplace.

If you have any questions or further suggestions about link building, we will be happy to help you! You liked the content? Subscribe to our newsletter and benefit from many other interesting articles on the topic of SEO, which we publish every two weeks for you. May the Rank be with you! Your Backlinked Team


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