Google Core Updates in Summer 2021

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The so-called core updates are the larger updates from Google that intervene more deeply in the algorithm and thus influence the search results the most.

For a long time it was quiet, to be exact since half a year nothing has been heard about a new core update from Google. Now on 02.06.2021 came the official Twitter message about the new update.

Google Core Updates in Summer 2021

The old familiar Core Updates

The last update from Google was already half a year ago. As always, the December 2020 Core Update has the SEO scene in an uproar. In December 2020, however, it was weird because not all parts of pages were affected equally. With the June Core Update, it was different this time. The uproar remained hidden as many didn’t even realize an update was coming. General information about the Core Updates can be found here.

An overview of the latest Core updates:

[/uncode_list]June and July 2021 are THE update months for GoogleThe Core Update, which has been available since 06/03. has been rolled out, but is not yet complete. According to Google, there will be another update in July where there will be changes in the SERP’s just like now.

In addition to the traditional Core updates, there’s also the Google Core Web Vitals update, which was supposed to roll out back in May. This will also be sent to the servers in June – but it should take several months until the rollout is through.First impression of the June updateThe general changes of the update are not really noticeable so far. According to Sistrix, it is noticeable that many domains are included that have never been affected by an update before. Google seems to have a new approach to the update here.

Still, it remains to be seen what will happen in July when the second part of the update is rolled out. It could be that only then the right dynamics of the update will become noticeable.


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