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Google Sandbox is the name of a filter of the search engine, which refers to new web pages and puts them to the test. The phenomenon is that these websites experience significant ranking drops shortly after launch.

Unlike the name suggests, the sandbox is not a kind of restricted environment for your site, but rather a filter.

Sandbox background

The Google Sandbox is to be understood as a kind of anti-spam filter of the search engine giant. With the sandbox, by excluding certain pages from certain keyword searches, Google can prevent users from ever being directed to those spam pages.
At the same time, new pages may also be sandboxed first to give Google a little more time to evaluate the quality of the page.

Page Speed in the Search Console

Using Search Console, you can very easily find out how fast your site is being viewed, especially from mobile devices.
Search Console is a great indicator for finding out if your site has been devalued due to
Bad optimizations
has been devalued in the search results.

E-commerce and Page Speed

It’s important to note that not every devaluation means you’ve been sandboxed. Google uses several factors to rank pages.

This includes not only the quality of the content and the sensible use of keywords, but also soft factors such as page speed. Especially for mobile search queries, page speed is a crucial ranking factor.

When do I end up in the Google Sandbox?

There are some signs of this, especially if you are using focus keywords and ranking much better for other keywords.

Tools such as Search Engine Genie will help you determine if you are under sandbox penalty.

To get back out of the Google Sandbox you should first analyze if there is a solid reason for the penalty (such as unsightly and manipulative SEO methods). In the event of a manual devaluation or penalty, Google will send out a list of tips.
It also helps to remove over-optimized content from the site, repost new and quality content, and remove “bad linking”.

Relevance for SEO

The Google Sandbox is a penalty that definitely has its reason for being. With the sandbox, Google wants to ensure that all search queries also receive high-quality results and that users find the best possible hits at first glance.

Even Google is not error free! But you should take a sandbox penalty as a hint more than anything else. But the sandbox is a very clear hint, a kind of warning sign, and costs you traffic immediately.

Quick action is therefore called for!

Google itself denies that there is a sandbox at all. It therefore remains open whether some devaluation factors are not simply subsumed under the term sandbox. In any case, if you suspect devaluation, you should urgently work on the quality of your content.


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    Alex James

    Thanks for sharing this information about Google Sandbox, I recently opened a brand new blog on WordPress, it's been three months now and non of my Keywords are ranking on Google first page does that mean that my blog is still on Sandbox? If yes, how long will it take and what should I do to improve this issue? I will be expecting a feedback from you please sir

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