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If your small or medium sized business cannot afford a full-blown IT department, you are always on the lookout for the best tools and software to improve your web presence and marketing.

With Instapage, it’s easy to do. Some consider Instapage to be the most practical system for creating landing pages available on the market right now. The modular system helps to design new landing pages with many templates and features.

What can Instapage do and for whom is the software exactly right? You can find out on our blog.

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On its website, Instapage is confident: with landing pages, you’ll increase your conversion rate by 400 percent with the same ad budget.

How does Instapage work?

If you want to try Instapage, you first need to create an account with the provider. Then you get direct access to the landing page builder, where you can create your landing page using one of the many different templates.

The good thing about the system is that if no template really fits, you can customize it to your liking with the many different editing tools.

Instapage works on a simple modular system. Once the basic design of the page is in place, you can simply drag and drop your content onto the page, change fonts or colors. There are hardly any limits to your creativity.

Who is the Instapage offer aimed at?

Instapage’s modular system is simple and intuitive to learn. Thus, the system is aimed at all users who have not delved deeper into the matter of web design. System Instapage is especially interesting for those who want to create a website without much effort and do not want to deal with programming languages.

One problem with Instapage’s modular system is that mobile optimization doesn’t yet work reliably. In order for the website to display properly on mobile devices, you will still need to make manual improvements often.

For those who don’t get along with Instapage’s system right away, the company offers detailed articles and video tutorials to help. Most of the time, you can solve your problems on your own with this help from Instapage.

If you do need help from support, you can reach them by email Monday through Friday. Professional and Premium users can also use live chat to communicate with Instapage support.

If you built your website with WordPress, you can connect the landing pages you create with Instapage to your WordPress site using a WordPress plugin.

How much does Instapage cost?

In the paragraph above we have already indicated: Instapage offers different services at different prices. In addition to the Professional and Premium subscriptions mentioned above, Instapage also offers a Basic plan. This costs around 25 euros per month, Professional already 50 euros and the Premium subscription 115 euros. All three subscriptions allow a free 14-day trial period. This is followed by a twelve month contract period if you are convinced by Instapage.

The offer is fair: No matter which subscription you have with Instapage, you can always create an unlimited number of websites.

Who is Instapage just right for?

If you want to use landing pages for your marketing but don’t have the time or resources to create professional landing pages, Instapage might be the right fit for you. It helps you create great looking landing pages and you can solve most problems without any prior technical knowledge thanks to Instapage’s extensive help section.


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