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A keyword analysis is necessary to optimize one’s website thematically according to the search intentions of the users. Thus, it is possible to achieve good results in the search results through a content strategy resulting from the keyword analysis.


According to the name, a keyword analysis is used to analyze the keywords (search words) relevant to your industry. From the point of view of search engine optimization, this is the basis for the successful development of a website.

The goal of keyword analysis is to gather all thematically relevant keywords and keyword phrases for which you want to appear high in the organic search engine results ( SERPs ) for which you want to appear high up.

Another common name for a keyword analysis is “keyword research“.

How does a keyword analysis work?

The most important factor in a keyword analysis is structured data on the respective keywords. The search volume is particularly important here. This indicates how many search engine users search for the respective keyword in a certain period of time (usually one month).

The keyword difficulty indicates how difficult it is to rank for the respective keyword. This key figure takes into account the number of search queries in combination with the prevailing competition for this keyword.Clicks indicate how many users click on a search result after the search query. This metric has become more relevant in recent years as Google can now answer search queries through an Answer Box in the search results. This is generated from the content of a website in the search results, making a visit to the site unnecessary.

Where can I find search volume and keyword difficulty?

There are a number of tools on the market for finding out these key figures. For our keyword research we use ahrefs. But also other tools like Mangools, Sistrix or the Google Keyword Planner are helpful tools. The best thing to do here is to choose the one you are most comfortable with.

How do you build a keyword research?

After you have found all relevant keywords and the corresponding key figures, you summarize them in a table. Excel has proven to be very effective for this purpose, as it allows you to evaluate keyword groups with the help of a pivot table.

The keywords are written down in a column in the Excel table. In the column next to it you write the corresponding search volume. The following columns can be used for further key figures. In the screenshots below, only the Keyword Difficulty has been added.

Keyword analysis

Then you can create a pivot table in Excel using the pivot tables function. Especially for comprehensive keyword analyses this makes sense, because the properties of a pivot table allow a quick evaluation of the keywords.

Keyword analysis

How do you evaluate a keyword analysis?

Once you’ve come up with a keyword analysis, you need to be able to read it. There are 2 essential factors to consider, which give information about the chances of individual keywords:

  1. The metrics that you have gathered in the keyword analysis. Here, the simplified rule is: the higher the search volume, the better. And the lower the Keyword Difficulty, the better.

2. the potential that is important for the website according to your own assessment. For example, for this website here, the keyword “build backlinks” would be much more valuable than “content marketing” because the search intent is more in line with our business model.As a result, you have to weigh search volume, keyword difficulty, and potential.

Compile the results of the keyword analysis

If you have calculated the key figures of the individual keywords with each other, the result is again a list that should be sorted according to potential.

This final list now provides information about which keyword is most promising when used correctly. Content production can then be started on the basis of this data.

Relevance for SEO

A keyword analysis is the basis for every Onpage SEO. Accordingly, it is important for the entire field of search engine optimization. When executed correctly, this allows for targeted content strategies to be developed that will allow for the fastest possible success for the website.

Apart from optimizing content on the website, keyword research also has its raison d’être in terms of ads. Especially with Google Adwords, the correct use of keywords is indispensable for click-through rates and ultimately also for the cost-benefit ratio.

Want to do your own keyword analysis for your niche? Read our guide to the ultimate keyword research here.


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