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Linkbait is a well known SEO or online marketing strategy to attract many users to the site in a “natural way”. Usually it is not very popular from the user’s point of view, as it often does not deliver what it promises.


The term linkbait – also known as clickbait – describes in the fields of search engine optimization and online marketing a strategy to increase the number of
of links to a website. This is part of the

The name consists of the words “link” and “bait” (bait). Accordingly, linkbaiting is used to try to attract users with content so that other sites link to it and share this content.

Freely following the motto “Content is King”, a communication strategy should always focus on helpful and exclusive content in order to offer readers added value.

Linkbaiting is a very effective form for link generation and traffic increase. Compared to other link building measures that often violate search engine guidelines (e.g. Google Webmaster Guidelines), a linkbait is not a black hat SEO method. Here you do not run the risk of being hit by a penalty. Provided you implement the measure correctly and conscientiously.

Linkbait and SEO

Linkbait used to be a secret weapon to get backlinks in the most normal way possible. Most of the time, the creators have no control over how the link is placed. This is how all-natural link building can take shape.

A disadvantage of linkbaiting can be from the SEO point of view, if the link building happens erratically and massively. In the worst case, Google interprets such signals as spam or manipulation of the SERPs and punishes them – in the form of a penalty.

In addition, especially the low controllability of the link building can be a possible disadvantage. Thus, SEOs lose control over the generated backlinks after the bait is launched.

Dangers of Linkbait

Even though linkbait is a proven means of natural link building, there is a theoretical risk that Google will identify it as spam. This can be the case when a website generates its backlinks through a single action without exception and all incoming links point to the same subpage.

The linkbait has its limits when it comes to news reports, for example. If the interest in a subject is lost, some backlinks may disappear and the ranking for certain terms decreases. In the news section, webmasters should therefore permanently ensure news linkbaits in order to maintain the “freshness” that Google is aiming for.

While linkbait can often be planned, it also often consists of spontaneous ideas that make for a viral impact. Thus, the success of linkbait is usually not exactly predictable. However, you can use it wisely with certain parts of your search engine optimization or online marketing strategy.


Linkbait – or clickbait – offers numerous benefits as a means of backlink building and combines several fundamentals of a successful marketing strategy. The creation and distribution of high-quality content with added value as part of a content strategy is fundamentally good for a modern presence on the World Wide Web, including social media. Also, linkbait is a neat way to do successful backlink building. However, there are also dangers lurking that can lead to a Google Penalty in the worst case.


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