Low Hanging Fruits

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Low Hanging Fruits refers to tasks that produce a large yield with little work. In the context of search engine optimization, this mostly refers to OnPage measures, which are quickly noticeable in the improvement of the Key Performance Indicators.


Low Hanging Fruits is a term used in business to refer to work that produces a large yield quickly and without much effort.

The same is meant by this expression in search engine optimization (SEO). There is no fixed definition of what all belongs to the Low Hanging Fruits. The decisive factor is an above-average cost-benefit ratio.

Low Hanging Fruits

Correctly executed, they provide for a rapid improvement of the Key Performance Indicators.

What distinguishes Low Hanging Fruits?

Any measure that produces a large benefit with little effort is “part of the low-hanging fruit.” These measures are particularly interesting because they generate a relatively high turnover for the labour input.

Because these are OnPage and OffPage optimization tasks that require little work, they are usually tackled at the beginning of the work process. You just have to keep in mind not to focus only on such profitable tasks, but to work out a holistic SEO strategy and prioritize it according to costs and benefits.

Low Hanging Fruits in Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization of a site, even small measures often lead to significant improvements in terms of the site’s position in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Various OnPage and OffPage optimizations involve little work, but improve crawler results, dwell time, increase organic traffic or domain authority.Typical low hanging fruit measures include, for example:

When it comes to OffPage optimization, there aren’t as many low hanging fruits because effective link building is labor intensive.

A first step would be, for example, the acquisition of backlinks on the website of manufacturers or cooperation partners. Good backlinks quickly have a positive effect on domain authority, but are harder to get. There are also service providers who do this work.


The term Low Hanging Fruit originated in the business world and has become established in SEO work. This refers to work that achieves good results with little effort. In terms of SEO, this means that with little effort – such as optimizing the meta information – the page views can be significantly increased. These measures also include an adjustment of the keywords and a semantic optimization of the page.

OffPage optimization is usually more complex. When optimizing your site for search engines, you should therefore start with the simple OnPage measures without neglecting the OffPage measures.


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