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Moz is a paid tool that gives you all the metrics you need for successful search engine optimization. Based on the principle of a Swiss Army knife, the American developer offers an “all-in-one” solution in numerous versions. The MozBar in particular enjoys great popularity. The company describes itself as “the most influential company in the online marketing industry”. In this article you will find out to what extent a purchase can be worthwhile for online brandeteers or SEO agencies.

Moz: what can the tool do?

The SEO tool Moz Pro is one of the all-rounders of SEO tools. The functions of the tool include Site Audits , Rank Tracking , Backlink analyses and Keyword Determination . It therefore supports the user in all phases of the optimization process.

The tool was developed in the United States. Seattle, to be exact. Moz Pro is therefore only available in English. The prices for the CPC, for example, are therefore only given in dollars. A small disadvantage for the European clientele, but not a fundamental one.

Keyword research with Moz

Like many other tools that are now available, Moz offers the ability to research and track particularly worthwhile keywords. Displayed in a clear way, it shows the Monthly Volume, the Keyword Difficulty, the so-called “Opportunity” and the “Priority”. While some of these terms are almost certainly familiar to us, there is one value that stands out.

Moz: Opportunity & Priority?

The so-called “opportunity” contextualizes the result of the keyword research. What does this value tell us? For certain terms, the likelihood that a searcher will click on a regular result is relatively low. This is due to the highlighted search results, such as answer boxes, images or Google Maps. If you’re looking for directions or an address, you’ll probably click on Maps rather than an organically displayed search result.

Another term that is not exactly relatable on first listen is “priority”. No wonder. Again, this is a Moz-owned term. This value is derived from the opportunity, the difficulty and the search volume. This makes it easy to see at a glance whether it makes sense to focus on a particular keyword.

The MozBar

MOZ (Tool)

The MozBar is a helpful tool to quickly get an idea of websites you hang out on one way or another. It is, as the name implies, embedded in your searchbar. The first positive aspect of the Mozilla extension is that it’s free. As expected, however, there are paid extensions for MozBar as well.

What metrics does the MozBar give you?

The following metrics are displayed in the MozBar. Apart from showing you how many subdomains and links there are, the Mozbar gives you the following values.


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