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Real-time reports for web pages are status reports about the activities on the web page that are generated in real time. They are important for monitoring the performance of a website and thus an important tool of search engine optimization.


In order to be able to check the activity of a website at any time, tools such as Google Analytics allow you to query the KPI of the page without delay. Such a real-time report can report a visitor ‘s action on the page to the webmaster almost without delay. In order to be able to react as quickly and effectively as possible to developments and performance changes on the website in the fast-moving Internet, real-time reports are an invaluable tool for webmasters.

Real-time reports

What kind of features do real-time reports offer?

The real-time report is prepared by tools in the form of user interfaces that can present in various ways the data of the website and user activity on it.

Google Analytics, for example, informs its users in an overview page about the various statistics of website visitors, such as visitor sources, keywords, pages viewed or their geographical locations.

The visitor source refers to the way in which visitors came to the website. For example, via a search engine or a third party site with a backlink.

Also interesting for the webmaster is which subpages of the website are particularly popular among his visitors. This is also where conversions play a big role, so the webmaster knows how well their conversion funnel is working.

How important are real-time reports for search engine optimization?

If the activities of visitors on web pages are to be analyzed as quickly as possible, real-time reports help to evaluate important information as quickly as possible. Many tools that generate real-time reports are not limited to traditional websites, but can also evaluate social media activity.

In real time, webmasters can evaluate how users of their website interact with new articles or pages and continuously optimize them by making changes to the site. In the case of online shops or article pages, real-time reports can be used to quickly determine which content is attracting the most attention from visitors.

Therefore, real-time reports are crucial in search engine optimization. They allow you to directly track the success of OnPage measures in particular.


Ever since Google launched its Google Analytics tool, which is still free of charge, real-time reports have become an indispensable part of webmasters’ work.

Real-time reports make it possible to directly track how changes to the website affect users’ interaction with the site.


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