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Reconsideration Request is a request to Google when a website is affected by an “Index Exclusion” (deindexation). When you submit this reinstatement request, Google will re-review your website.


If you commit a violation of the webmaster guidelines, Google can punish you with a so-called penalty. For example, if you do Black Hat SEO, you may get an Index Exclusion like this.

Consequently, your website will be excluded from the Google index. This means that it can no longer be found on Google.

Before making this request, of course, should know what violations. You can check what the reasons are via Webmaster Tools.

After that, of course, it is inevitable to eliminate these violations so that you have a chance to appear in the search results again.

You can check if a subpage or a domain is affected by using the site query.

How do I submit the resume request to Google?

  1. The first requirement is a Google account and the registration for the Google Webmaster Tools. After that, the actual application can be made in Google Search Console.

To do this, you need to click on the tab “Search requests” –> “Manual actions“.

Reconsideration Request
  1. After that you can select the affected website and you have to explain briefly why the website was excluded and how this happened (e.g. due to wrong actions of an agency).
  2. Then it must be described exactly what has been done about it and how the violations have been eliminated. After that, you just have to confirm the application.

Important: Google wants to know exactly what has been done about the violations. You can also create a Google Doc with links that have been removed (disavowed). It is also important that the address is kept polite, otherwise this can also be a reason for rejection.

In addition, the application should be as detailed as possible, as the processing takes some time.

Depending on the scope, processing may take several days or weeks.

Here’s another helpful video from Google about the motion to reopen:


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Importance for SEO

In general, you should follow Google’s guidelines so that you don’t have to file a reinstatement request in the first place.

If the violations, for example. were caused by the link building of an agency, one should also instruct the agency to make a Reconsideration Request.

Depending on the scope, processing may take several days or weeks.


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