Reputation in the Coaching Business: This is where most coaches fail!




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The coaching business is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom. More and more coaches are flocking to the market and trying to bring their services to the paying clientele via digital channels. But with daily rates of thousands of euros and more, it’s no wonder: this is one of the most lucrative business models in 2021.

You can’t see the council for the coaches?

Unfortunately, the oversupply of coaches is leading to more and more skepticism among many potential clients. Who is surprised? How would you feel if every day new coaching gurus wanted to explain to you how to get a grip on your problems? You’d probably just ignore those offers.

But what if one of those coaches was actually your problem solver? It would be a lost opportunity, wouldn’t it?

Fortunately, people who are approached by coaches in ads are a bit more tolerant after all. If your ad is well designed and conveys THE SOLUTION to your customer’s problems, your chances of new acquisition are very good.

With a well-designed, confidence-inspiring landing page that features real video reviews from your satisfied customers, you’ve almost won. After all, you are the solution your customer has been looking for for a long time – what more could you ask for? The sale is virtually certain!

What happens next? Your customer finally clicks the big, green, pulsating button and wants to buy – but out of nowhere, he thinks to himself:

“Before I buy now, why don’t I Google it?”

Advertorials for coaches
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Your client opens Google, searches your name and finds nothing! Maybe your website is ranked #1 in search results, but that’s about it. No newspaper articles about you, no interviews, no testimonials – your client bails. Over and out, the dream of automated new customer acquisition!

The reason: lack of credibility. Would you buy a course from someone no one is talking about or reporting on?

Reputation as the key to success

Advertorials for coaches
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Most coaches are masters of their trade and know how to convince, motivate and inspire their clients. Online, however, certain requirements must first be met in order to get into this situation of a direct conversation. The ever-increasing amount of coaches trying to acquire new clients through digital channels is raising the bar for the industry.

That’s how you still prevail!

We’ll tell you a particularly effective step and return to the example we described above. Imagine that your new follower is about to book your course because he likes the content and the coach and searches Google for your name – and finds extensive articles from Fokus, Stern, Frankfurter Rundschau, or the WELT. We’re talking about advertorials. Advertorials offer you the opportunity to create trust in your offer and you as a coach with brands of large media companies. Imagine that the result of your name check is an extensive Focuseditorial article about you alone, the content of which you determine.

How do you get an advertorial?

Advertorials for coaches

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