Ubersuggest – What is the new keyword finder good for? (Update 2021)




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Ubersuggest is a multi-functional SEO tool that mainly helps with keyword research. In addition to tracking down suitable keywords, it is a good way to analyze your own site and see what methods your competitors are using. In 2019, under the auspices of Neil Patel, it was relaunched and more features were added.

A new tool sees the light of the web

If you go searching for marketing tips in the endless expanses of Youtube, sooner or later you’ll come across Neil Patel. The widely-mentioned and award-winning SEO expert has made numerous public appearances and teaches beginner and advanced marketing and SEO lessons online.

But it’s not just with extensive expertise that Neil Patel reaches out to his followers. On his site, he offers three free tools to make our jobs easier. In this article, we’ll take a look at one of those tools: Ubersuggest.


What do I need Ubersuggest for?

In order to make your business successful, a certain amount of attention is necessary. Once customers are convinced of your product, service or concept – word of mouth takes over. The more customers, the better.

Ubersuggest promises just that: more visitors to your site – and consequently more convinced customers.

If you want to get your online shop to the top, you can’t avoid optimizing your site accordingly. The communication channels are different, but the principle remains the same. If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you at least know the basics of search engine optimization and that it can be broken down into on-page and off-page efforts. Ubersuggest helps you with the latter.


Offpage optimization: the role of links

Links take a big role in the ranking of your site. In very simplified terms, the more inbound links your site receives from sites considered “high quality”, the more Google will trust your domain. This trust(domain trust) is in turn a ranking factor.

Some links are therefore more valuable than others. Ubersuggest is here to help you do effective link building for your site. To do this, you should ask the following questions in advance:

  • What sites already link to your site?
  • What sites link to your competition?
  • How did your competition get their links?
  • What keywords should you try to rank for?
  • Which one is your competition trying for?
  • How many backlinks do you need to get your keyword on page #1?

You don’t really know your way around link building yet? Then just take a look at our Backlink Building Guide and come back later.

What is Ubersuggest?

The number of keyword research tools we can find on the web is limited. It’s not every day that new ones are launched. That alone makes Ubersuggest interesting, as does the fact that it’s a free tool.


What sources does Ubersuggest use?

Ubersuggest primarily uses data sets from Google Trends. The first positive surprise in terms of the information provided is the absolute numbers that the free tool gives us. It shows us how big the search volume of a certain term is and not like Google Trends, with an inaccurate indication between 0 and 100 percent.

CPC from Adwords

From Adwords, Ubersuggest receives the cost-per-click numbers. This value is especially important for advertisers and makes their work easier. It is less relevant for search engine optimization.

Ubersuggest as a keyword research tool

If you are doing professional search engine optimization, you have to attach importance to one thing above all. The right keyword:

There are two factors to consider when choosing the right keyword. On the one hand, the keyword must fit your own topic – on the other hand, this keyword must not be too competitive.

To stay out of the competition’s way and thus avoid unnecessarily high CPCs, long-tail keywords that are at least three words are worthwhile. Questions also belong to this category. As we did in our guide to effective keyword research, we decided to use the term “goalkeeper gloves“. These are the suggestions that Ubersuggest spit out to us:


Click on the picture to zoom in!

Website analysis with Ubersuggest

Besides the analysis of keywords, Ubersuggest offers the SEO Analyzer, a tool that can evaluate the search engine optimization of websites.

Here Neil Patel offers a tool that can give an SEO and a speed rating and offers corresponding tips for search engine and load time optimization. With the “Above the Fold” display, Ubersuggest users can see how a web page displays on a desktop device, tablet, or smartphone and where there is room for improvement,

Competitor analysis with Ubersuggest

A similar feature set is offered by Ubersuggest’s competitor analysis, which can compare up to three websites based on various categories such as traffic rank, an SEO rating, warnings and errors, the number of backlinks, etc.

Since the competitor analysis compares technical data, the function is only of limited use – without evaluating the content of various pages, a qualitative analysis is not possible.


If you are willing to invest some time in the new version of Ubersuggest, you can get a lot out of it. We especially like the clear layout and the intuitive operation.

Ubersuggest skillfully finds ways to combine information that we could get from other sources, such as ahrefs or Ubersuggest’s sources, and adds value. The tool offers more than a regular keyword research tool. It allows you to keep track of the most important numbers around your domain.

With the monitoring function, the tool also allows us to effectively monitor our own sites. The whole thing is free of charge and the account is conveniently taken over by Google.

We give it a thumbs up!


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