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Unique content refers to unique web content that can only be found on one website. It is important for a website to publish unique text content in order to be ranked well by search engines.


Unique content basically refers to any form of uniqueweb content. This includes images, videos and most importantly text. The crawlers of search engines are particularly good at analyzing the uniqueness of text contributions .

unique content
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In doing so, you can draw inspiration from other texts and pick up on the ideas of other writers. If content from other texts appears in the text, it is important to mark it as a quotation and to indicate the actual author.

It is not a good idea to rephrase a text from the internet itself or by a machine only slightly. Although search engines do not yet recognize such plagiarism, but since search engine operators are always working to improve their algorithms, it is better to take precautions. One must assume thatsearch engines willsoon recognize such texts and classify them as duplicate content. Even sooner, Google, Bing & Co. will recognize texts that have only been translated from another language as plagiarism.

When you create unique content, you have to make sure that you write your texts grammatically and orthographically correct and that your readers can read the texts well. Here it is important that you do not formulate your sentences too long and work with as few passive constructions as possible.

Why is unique content important for SEO?

The goal of search engines is to make the widest possible range of useful content available to their users. Therefore, the algorithms rank content identified as duplicate content very poorly and unique content all the better.

In conjunction with user KPIs such as dwell time and bounce rate, search engines can not only include the uniqueness of the content in their rankings, but also factor in the quality of the content.

So if you want your website to rank well in the SERPs, you need to publish high-quality, unique content on your site. In addition to duplicate content, Google’s algorithm also recognizes so-called “thin content”, which, despite a unique text, does not offer users any added value. To do this, Google uses what it calls the Gibberish Score (or gibberish scale). This is used to detect texts that are enriched with unnecessary filler words.

Even online shops can use unique content, for example in the form of informative guides or blogs that fit the theme of the shop. Unique content pages that go beyond sales pages improve rankings for the entire website. In this way, interested users can also be addressed on an informative level, who in turn can become customers.


Unique content is important for anyone who wants their site to be featured high up in the SERPs. Producing good unique content takes a lot of work – but it’s the best way to build a website that will provide valuable long-term information and achieve good search engine rankings.

You want to know how to set up a proper content marketing strategy? Here you will find good reasons that speak for content marketing.


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