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In order to make our marketplace as attractive as possible, we regularly collect surveys on the use of our marketplace. In the last survey, it came out that some of our users did not yet know about the “view domain” function. Since this is an essential feature of our marketplace, we have summarized here how to view domains before booking.


  • One-time recharge of the credit in the amount of min. ten euros


  • A maximum of five domains can be “uncovered” per day

Here’s how it works:

  1. Top up credit
    In order to be able to “uncover” five domains a day, you have to top up your credit once for at least ten euros. After that, you can view five domains a day.
  2. Call up content links
    Click on the “Contentlinks” tab in the dashboard on the left. There you can search and filter backlinks at will. You have found a suitable link? Then go to the next step.
  3. Show domain
    Click on the eye, far left in the table. Afterwards, the full domain is displayed to the right of this field. You can now copy and visit them or analyze them as you wish.
  4. Revealed domains
    All domains that you have already uncovered will remain permanently visible. Click on the third item “Visible domains” in the top menu – there you will find all the domains that have been uncovered so far.

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