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The visibility index (short: SI) is one of the key figures from the field of Search Engine Optimization. This factor shows which visibility a website has on Google & Co. This visibility index is calculated on the basis of the Keywords of the corresponding website. The visibility index is calculated by an algorithm of SISTRIX GmbH.


The visibility index is only one of the components that play a role in optimizing websites for search engines. Based on the quality and quantity of keywords for which a page ranks, the visibility index is defined. A keyword is assigned a so-called traffic value, for example. the keyword “buy backlinks” has a search volume between 501 – 1000 queries per month. Depending on what position I am in with my site, I get more or less of these requests to my site.

Visibility index

The “traffic value” and the competition are used to calculate

Visibility index

By the approximate data of the search queries and the position in the ranking one can predict approximately, how much traffic my side on e.g.. Position 2 with the respective keyword gets. The sum of the keywords and the competition then results in a visibility value, which (logically) changes every day, as the rankings and the positions are also constantly changing. In this respect, the course of the visibility index gives deeper information about the development of the website.

Many professionals in the field of search engine optimization rely on values such as the SI from SISTRIX, the Domain Authority from MOZ or the Trust Flow from Majestic to assess the quality of a website.

Relevance for SEO

If you are doing link building for your website, you need to know the metrics mentioned and which values are “good” or “bad”.

Ex. Marketing & entrepreneurial wonder Neil Patel’s site( has a viewability score of over 3.1 (as of February 2020). That is an extremely good value.

DA, TF, CF & Co. always have a value between 0 – 100. These values are also more than good with Neil Patel. ➙

Visibility index

So how do I check my visibility?

The visibility index comes from the Bonn-based company “Sistrix” and you can check the visibility of your site on the corresponding website. This way!


The visibility index is now well established in search engine optimization and is used by most as a metric to evaluate a website.

One thingto note is that you NEVER(no matter what the metric) look at these indicators alone, but include other metrics like the ones mentioned earlier.

Also the ratio of incoming and outgoing links, the Internal linkscontent on the page, and the rankings of the subpages, can tell you whether or not the page is in good standing for Google. These indicators become very important if you are looking for good backlinks for your site, for example.


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