What does Domain Trust mean?

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For those who are concerned with SEO and want to be placed at the top of Google rankings, terms like domain authority and domain trust play an essential role.


The term Domain Trust refers to the trust value attributed to a domain by search engines like Google. Specifically, this means that a positive value – a high level of trust is the basis for a top 10 ranking in search results.

The trustworthiness of the domain is influenced by various factors and evaluated by Google’s algorithm.


Algorithms such as PageRank have been used for a long time as proof of a high domain trust.

Every webmaster can positively influence the PageRank, e.g. by using the following methods through backlinks from websites with a high PageRank.

For example, PageRank only included the quantity and not the quality of links as a factor. So even pages with weak content could get a high PageRank by exchanging a link.
Accordingly, Domain Trust is not to be confused with PageRank!

How is the Domain Trust influenced?

Internal and external signals have the greatest influence on the trustworthiness of websites. Special attention is given to backlinks and social signals, internal linking and content.

The more credible the content of the website is, the better it will rank in the organic search results. The goal of all advertisers and webmasters is based on the maximum trust for their domain. The value can be influenced individually, whereby for the optimization knowledge in the co-ethics of the search engine as well as in the current trends of the web optimization should prevail.

Registration information also plays a role!

Google includes the registration data from the websites when ranking. This way Google knows which domains belong to which registration address.

If most of the domains are not trustworthy, the negative trust will affect both sites.

In favour of this approach is that new, unknown domains whose registration data does not prove a connection to other credible domains are more likely to have to take the walls of the Google sandbox than those registered under big brands like Adidas. The registration of a website therefore also has an impact on the domain trust.
The longer a website is registered, the more likely it is to be a website with devotionally measured intentions.

How do I optimize the Domain Trust?

Transparency and quality form the basis for a credible and high-quality website.

In order to optimize the Domain Trust, various measures are necessary.

You provide unique and interesting content. With this you lay the foundation for a serious and credible internet presence.

With measures in OnPage andOffSite SEO you create a trustworthy “environment” and thus all conditions for a high trust value. Plausibility and verifiable information as well as serious links increase credibility.

Relevance for SEO

The domain trust has a very high influence on search engine optimization.

Seriousness, trustworthiness and credibility as well as thematic relevance and high-quality content form the foundation in SEO. The search engine giant does not disclose how exactly Google determines the trust score.

Experts in SEO have deciphered the most important factors and know that a trustworthy website is necessary for top ranking. Trustworthiness and credibility are the result of high-quality, carefully researched and transparently published content.

Content, along with quality linking and topic-relevant social signals, is the most important area in SEO. Non-plausible or dubious homepages do not achieve a good ranking or are excluded from Google indexing.


Credibility is a characteristic of website quality. Competition requires high quality performance for a domain trust that will make your homepage stand out in the competition and rank in the top 10 search results.

The more trustworthy the website is rated by Google, the more customers you will win and convince.


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