What is a keyword cluster?

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A keyword cluster (also called a wordlist cluster) refers to a group of keywords that combines keywords that are relevant to the topic. Keyword clustering is a method for keyword analysis.


Keyword clustering has come about due to the advancement of search engines. However, many webmasters are not yet aware of its importance.

Meanwhile, there are some cutting-edge techniques behind search engines. You don’t just type in a keyword anymore. The algorithms try to detect context and relation. Voice search is also becoming increasingly relevant.

The variety of keyword clusters

In principle, there are no limits to keyword clustering. The keywords must fit a certain topic area and logically complement each other so that the algorithm can understand the context.

Even though this type of keyword research turns out to be time-consuming, it is still a worthwhile investment. The goal of a keyword cluster is to find out what the users are interested in on this topic.example on the topic “backlinks”: Build backlinks, build backlinks for free, build backlinks organically for free, etc.If the keywords in the text are structured correctly, the content can even be displayed in the Google results as a so-called highlighted snippet.

Relevance for SEO

As a meaningful form of keyword research, the keyword cluster is of great importance for targeted search engine optimization.

Only through topic-relevant content is it possible to sustainably strengthen one’s positions in the search results. Here, procedures such as keyword clustering help enormously.


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