What is a relaunch?

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A relaunch is on the one hand a reintroduction or a new advertisement and on the other hand a revision and improvement of a product or a website (website relaunch) that already exists.


A relaunch is when a product that is already on the market is improved, changed or just advertised in a new way. For notable brands, this can take place with a great deal of effort.

When relaunching websites, the layout and structure are usually changed. They are taken offline and optimized for this purpose.

Product relaunch

This is about extending the life cycle of a product by making small changes to its function or design.

In the best case, the product is kept on the market for a while, which means that a relaunch can on the one hand stop the price decline and on the other hand prevent the decline in sales.

Alternatively, the relaunch is used as a second chance in case of a failed product marketing. This usually happens a few months later when the same product is launched in an improved edition.

Website relaunch

For a relaunch of a website, the website is redesigned and restructured. This can have various reasons such as technical problems or modernization.

The aim of all this is to bring the website to a modern, up-to-date state and to arouse the interest of the user. The usability of the site is considered, which can be determined , for example, by multivariate testing . Content and existing graphics are reviewed in connection with a relaunch. Furthermore, you can introduce new functions like a forum or a guestbook. In general, even the structure of the entire website should be reviewed and the recognition value should be maintained.

The aim is to make the page in question more vivid and appealing to the user. This means offering better information and, as a result, standing out positively from the competition. The OnPage optimization takes a target-oriented role here, during the website relaunch corresponding elements should be used, such as the placement of a call-to-action.

Avoid ranking losses

When you get to grips with the subject, you quickly realise that this cannot be taken for granted. To prevent a page from sinking in the search engine ranking after the relaunch, you can work with redirecting. Then the website should be just as easy to find afterwards and if not even better. A search engine indexes the exact URL of a website and should the structure of a website be changed, in the rarest case, a page can keep its old URL.

Accurate redirecting is very important for that reason. If someone accesses a page that is not kept up to date (opens an old link) via an older link, for example from the bookmark, then this should be redirected to the new address. The 301 redirect indicates that the page is not permanently in the grid, that is, it is warped, transferring the link popularity. The redirect should not only point to the new home page, but to the exact page in question.

Relevance for SEO

The relaunch of a website offers the right moment for an OnPage optimization of the site, however, a good already existing place in the ranking can be lost inadvertently.

Design and structure need a lot of optimization to convert users to customers. To encourage the visitor to choose this page, a page is completely reworked, where at the same time attention is paid to everything that brings a page up in the search engine rankings.Tip: When relaunching, you should make sure that all your backlinks are updated!


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