What is Link Juice?

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The Link Juice generally describes how strong the internal linking and its distribution are. There are several factors that play a role in the rating, such as quality and quantity of links. It also includes the position in the SERP, as well as the distribution of links. These properties of a website can thus be passed on to other websites via Link Juice.

The Link Juice in practice

Websites with a higher popularity also automatically pass on more link juice. The main page of a website always has the most link juice and passes it on to the subpages.

However, you can influence it so that irrelevant pages such as terms and conditions or imprint are changed so that they do not receive Link Juice.

Until 2009, pages that received a NoFollow attribute did not pass on link juice. However, this attribute was originally intended as an anti-spam measure. Unfortunately, NoFollow has often been used to influence link juice and not provide it to certain sites. That wasn’t the purpose of the label, and that’s why Google decided in 2009 that internal NoFollow links can also pass on link juice. With this, Google has clearly taken action against the incorrect use of NoFollow. Therefore, you should always use DoFollow links for internal linking.

In order to exclude certain pages from the crawler, Robot.txt should be used. However, it is also recommended to add the DoFollow attribute to these pages, so that this link can be followed and Link Juice can be passed on.


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Importance for SEO

Link juice is important because it can help a low-popularity website become more relevant to Google and thus positively affect its ranking.

Therefore, nowadays it is important to get “high quality backlinks” from websites with high domain authority . However, the backlinks must be relevant to the topic and contain a comprehensible anchor text so that Google really classifies them as high-quality.

Otherwise you run the risk of even damaging your ranking (read also: Penalty).A tip for the end: Always use the same anchor texts for the internal linking for the respective subpages. This can already positively influence the relevance of your page.


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