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If you’re into SEO, you should definitely know what a Google Penalty is and how to avoid getting one.


Penalty in search engine marketing refers to a punishment that can occur for a variety of reasons. As soon as a web content violates the Google Webmaster Guidelines, it can be penalized.

In the worst case, this is deleted from the index . Otherwise, the entry falls in the Google ranking.

The different types of penalties

There are different types of penalties. These are graded in three degrees of hardness.

The most innocuous penalty is the “-30 Penalty”. The result is that the domain in question can only be found in the Google ranking from position 31.

If you receive a “-950 Penalty”, the domain in question is no longer in the top 100 Google results.

The most severe penalty is the “Index Exclusion” (also called deindexation). In this case, the domain is no longer listed in the Google index.

You can use the site query to check whether your domain can be found in Google’s index.

How do I identify and prevent penalties?

In the Google Search Console under the menu item“Search queries→Manual actions” you can check whether you have received an “Index Exclusion Penalty”.

Google Penalty

Some important information for webmasters incl. You can watch the video at the following link:

If you don’t do Black Hat SEO (e.g. cloaking or hidden text) there is usually no penalty. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to an accurate link structure in order not to arouse suspicion of spam.

How long is a penalty valid?

Since there are different penalties, this question cannot be answered in general terms.

You can fix a -30 and -950 penalty by adjusting your website according to the rules. These penalties are assigned by an algorithm and can only be removed by this algorithm.

The situation is different with “index exclusion”. It is manually assigned and also manually revokedby Google.

Can a Google Penalty be reversed?

If you have received a penalty, you can submit a Reconsideration Request. The prerequisite is, of course, that the violations are eliminated. After approval, the website will be displayed in the SERP (search results) again.

Here is a short explanation from Google Webmasters how penalties can affect your site:


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A Google Penalty can cause significant damage and result in fewer potential customers finding your website. Especially when a large percentage of traffic comes from Google, the effects can be devastating. However, you usually get out of both an algorithmic Google Penalty and a manual spam penalty. There are numerous domains that have recovered after being penalized.


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